Information governance and Data Protection is a critical element for every business, and stability and confidence are required for the long-tem health on an organisation.

We offer a fully comprehensive Data Protection or Information Governance consultation, or simply a company walk-through to swiftly identify the ‘red flags’ in your organisation.
Early recognition and correction of these ‘danger’ areas will safeguard the future of the organsation.

Are there any hidden landmines waiting to go off in your organisation?

“If you think compliance is expensive,
  try non-compliance.”
Former Deputy US Attorney General  Paul McNulty
Most Organisations will be aware that if they hold personal data they ‘must’ comply with the Data Protection Act.

The problem is where to start!

What data is covered? what can you capture? how long can you keep it? are you permitted to share with colleagues? What is the best policy to adopt? and so on….

Our data Trainers, Paul Adams and Mike Martin, who, between them, have worked in the data industry for over half a century, are both experienced, knowledgeable an personable trainers. They teach the subject from the heart, making what could be a dry subject fun and interesting
They teach using a casual and collaborative style, and utilising a combination of structured teaching, real-life examples, group work and client’s own experiences the learner takes-in essential knowledge without even realising it is happening.

There are three Levels of Data Protection Course available.

Level 1 - Introduction to DPA
Level 2 - Principles of DPA
(full day course with exam)
Level 3 - Data Control
(3 day course with exam)

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Data Protection Training

“It was a fantastic day and I felt very well informed at the end of the day. Paul was full of relevant anecdotes which made the information much easier to absorb.”